Nutrition Programmes​

Evidence Based  



Welcome to the start of a new way of eating that works with your body and not against it.

My goal is to help you make lifestyle and dietary changes to support your menstrual health and your general wellbeing. 

To achieve this I offer nutrition programmes in the form of packages to 

  • identify nutritional imbalances that impact menstrual health
  • take the confusion out of nutrition and design a personalised diet plan
  • support you to make manageable and lasting changes
  • give you accountability and encouragement to maintain your new lifestyle 

All programmes run for a minimum 12 weeks in order to best support menstrual health and provide a chance to implement the protocol long enough to see meaningful results.

A simple process



Essential Package - 12 weeks

If you are an independent individual who wants the tools to get started confidently on the right tract with the freedom to implement the protocol at your own pace this package was designed for you.

If you suffer with complex issues other packages may be more suitable as they provide additional support, accountability and time.

Advanced Package - 12 weeks

This is the most popular package. It provides a good level of accountability and support. 
It is designed for those who want to take the time to learn how to make the right choices to support their menstrual health.

We will meet on a regular basis (weekly for the first month and then every 2 weeks) for a period of 12 weeks to review progress and challenges.
The protocol will be tailored at each review to make it achievable and provide you with the best chance stick with your new habits.

Ultimate Package - 6 months

This package is the most comprehensive. 

It is a 6 months programme which includes the most comprehensive hormonal test on the market as well as the interpretation of its results.

Designed for those who want the best support available to implement lasting changes.  The regular consultations will provide ongoing accountability and help you maintain discipline, encourage and motivate you to make positive sustainable changes. 

This package is also suited to those with complex health concerns.

You will receive weekly support for the first month and fortnightly support therafter.

You also get access to me by chat via an app for additional support.

Programmes start at £595 and all include:




I also offer a set of 2 consultations – an initial consultation of an hour and a 30min follow up consultation to review progress at a later time.

This set includes:

  • Comprehensive personal and family health history and lifestyle assessment
  • Food diary review and feedback
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Supplement plan if required
  • Testing recommendations

Investment: £229